Tips on hiring an Orlando Maid Service

Before going into to the core of this topic, let me give you a brief overview of how Army of Maids was
born. It’s an interesting story and will help you evaluate the reasons behind these tips. You can call it
an empathetic story, but the idea sprouted when the owner of Army of Maids was suffering
from a broken leg and needed to hire a maid to take care of the household chores. The results were less than impressive and Army of Maids was born.

Now let us get back to our topic: Tips on hiring an Orlando Maid Service

First of all, think of exactly what you are looking for in an Orlando Maid Service.

Finding the reason for your search and focusing on Orlando Maid Services that specialize in that field will save you a lot of headaches. There are many reasons for hiring an Orlando Cleaning Service which include but are not limited too more free time, moving in or moving out, deep cleaning, and window cleaning. Make sure the Orlando Maid Service you are looking into has specific programs for these types of cleanings. It will save you tons of money in the long run. Also, Orlando Maid Services that have special programs for the service you need will typically have more experience than the other Orlando Cleaning Companies. More experience will show in their work and will leave you a happy customer!

Second is to check recommendations and references.

You can ask your friends or read online testimonials of the site and even take suggestion from your
co-workers. Another powerful tool for consumers trying to find an Orlando Cleaning Service is to check their social media presence. Do they have many Twitter followers? Do they have a lot of Facebook likes? How are their ratings on Yelp and Google Places? This is powerful information you could use to determine if the Orlando Maid Service you are researching is a good fit.

Third, make sure Customer Satisfaction is a number one priority!

Make sure you select an Orlando Maid Service that has a solid Customer Satisfaction plan or guarantee. Hey, things happen, so make sure the Orlando Maid Service that you select will do everything in their power to make you happy in all scenarios. For example, with Army of Maids 200% Guarantee you can rest assured that if you are not happy with the service we will send a team out to fix the problem and re-clean everything for free. Still not happy? We will send another team and refund your money. We care about you. Seriously, we do!

Fourth, Communication!

If the Orlando Maid Service you are looking at does not provide a phone number it should be a RED FLAG! Make sure you have multiple ways of contacting your orlando cleaning service. If you have a question or concern you should be able to call, chat, email, tweet, and facebook that company and receive a timely response.

Fifth, What are the areas the Orlando Maids will clean?

You would be shocked how many people price shop without even looking at what will be cleaned! With Army of Maids, just about all areas of your house will be cleaned leaving no dirt behind. Here is a brief summary:

Make Up Bed, Vacuum Couch & Chairs, Tidy Up Shoes/Clothes, Dust Furniture &
Decorations, Vacuum Closet Space, Living Areas, Clean Countertops, Scrub & Clean Sinks, Scrub
& Clean Tubs, Scrub & Clean Showers, Scrub & Clean Toilets, Wipe Laundry Appliances, Run &
Fill Dishwasher, Counter-Top Appliances, Wipe Kitchen Appliances, Clean Microwave, Stove and
Overhead Fan, Polish Cabinet Doors, Vacuum Area Rugs, Clean Countertops, Detail Doors/Door
Frames, Baseboard Detail and much more.

Ultimately, the last factor, COST
We all fear this topic, what will be the cost of all the service that’s provided by the orlando cleaning company you are researching? Have you noticed that almost all the Orlando Maid Services out there require you to get a quote?! There is a reason for that. Its because studies show that your average consumer is more likely to accept higher rates when someone is sent to their home for a quote! We at Army of Maids wont try to trick you. We are upfront with our prices and you will know exactly what you are paying in 60 seconds or less (without having to talk to some fancy salesperson). We do not believe in phycological tricks or hidden fees… just upfront honest pricing.

Hopefully this article gave you some pro-tips on hiring an Orlando Maid Service. Even if you decide to not use Army of Maids, we hope you find exactly what you are looking for and are happy with your choice!

Please feel free to email the Army of Maids staff you have any questions about this article! They can be reached at HappyTeam@armyofmaids.com!

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