Tips on Cleaning Your Bathroom

Cleaning the bathroom is often neglected in households because most of the cleaning happens in the living room, kitchen and bedroom. However, bathroom is one of the most important parts in our house that should always be cleaned, at least once a week. If your bathroom is heavily used in your home it is recommended to frequently clean it. Good thing, bathrooms are not that hard to clean since most of them are made from materials that can easily be cleaned. Porcelain, cultured marbles and ceramic tile are stain-resistant wherein dirt and scum won’t build up on it if you will clean it regularly. These are also known for its durability that can really last for very long time especially if well-taken care of.

When you are ready to clean your bathroom, the first thing that you should do is to gather the supplies that you’ll need. This should come first so that it will be easy for you to grab whatever you need when cleaning the bathroom. Most of the time you’ll need dusting supplies, trash cans, sponges, scrubbers, cleaning cloth, paper towel, wipes, gloves, and eco-friendly bathroom cleaning solutions, once gathered place it in a location where you can easily pick it when you are already cleaning your bathroom.

If everything is already at its place you can start the cleaning process by removing first the dust. Check every corner of the bathroom as well as the ceiling. Use clean and a light wet cloth in cleaning the frames or glasses. Take down the curtains or blinds and wash it thoroughly. If it needs changing, it is much better to purchase a new one.

Scrubbing the floor and the walls using detergents or an eco-friendly bathroom cleaning solution will make it more attractive to anyone who will use it. However, before you use any type of eco-friendly cleaning solution you must leave your windows open. Allow the air to circulate inside the bathroom while cleaning it so you won’t get suffocated. Some of the bathroom cleaners have strong smell that can cause headache or nausea. If you have time, you can research online to look for natural bathroom solution that uses ingredients that are found in your house. Aside from it is safe to use and effective it is cheaper compared to those bathroom cleaners that are purchased in the market.

Every corner of your bathroom needs cleaning so you need to make sure that when you clean it every part should be wiped or scrubbed. There are simple tasks that you can do everyday to maintain its clean look. You can wipe the sink, faucet, toilet seat and rim, mirror, and frames daily to prevent it from too much dirt. Scrubbing or mopping the walls and floors can be done weekly so you won’t find it hard removing the stains on it. The curtains as well as the blinds should also be cleaned or replaced but you can do it for at least twice a month. The cleanliness of your bathroom will always depend on how you and your family use it so discipline will be the key to maintain it spotlessness.

Lastly, if you are too busy with your work or studies that you can’t spare a time to clean your bathroom, you can consider engaging the services of Orlando Apartment Cleaners. They can do the task for you effortlessly and efficiently.

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