The Importance of Eco-Friendly Home Cleaning

Most of you must know that the quality of outdoor air is on the decline; but what if we told you that the air pollution in your home is on the rise? Naturally, it raises an alarming concern. Your home is a place in which you want to feel safe and comfortable, without the worry of breathing in the contaminated air!

Several factors contribute to poor indoor air quality; however, with a little time and effort, they can be controlled to make your home environment a healthy one. Before we go any further, let us enlighten you about some of the most common indoor air pollutants found in homes across the world:

– Dust/Dirt
– Mold/Mildew
– Rotting Garbage
– Spoilt Foods
– Chemicals
– Smoke/Cooking Fumes

If not all, some of the pollutants mentioned above are inevitably contaminating the air in your home. Now, the simple solution is, of course, to clean your house regularly to maintain a sanitary and healthy home environment. But it doesn’t stop there; household cleaning must be carried out in a proper and safe manner to ensure that you are not adding to the damage. This brings us to the importance of eco-friendly cleaning.

Today, you can find several types of household cleaners crowding up the shelves at supermarkets, but most of these cleaning solutions have one thing in common; they’re all chemical-based. Let’s consider what kind of damage these toxic cleaners can cause when used in your home:

– They leave harmful residues on surfaces
– The chemicals released become airborne
– Harsh cleaners lead to skin allergies
– They are potential triggers for asthma attacks
– Chemical cleaners are not child and pet safe

In a nutshell, chemical-based cleaners are dangerous. Therefore, we strongly advise that you switch to safer alternatives such as eco-friendly home cleaning using green cleaning products or natural, homemade solutions. There are plenty of household products that aid in cleaning various areas of the home including:

– Different types of vinegar
– Lemon Juice
– Club Soda
– Baking Soda
– Olive/Lemon Oil

Not only are natural ingredients equally as effective as store-bought cleaners. Eco-friendly home cleaning will give you, as a homeowner, the peace of mind that your home is being cleaned and maintained in the safest possible way.

Of course, it’s not just the cleaners that matter. How your home cleaning service cleans is just as important. For example, vacuuming with a bag full of dust is a no-no! Similarly, using dirty cleaning tools only help in spreading dirt around as opposed to picking it up. This is why we clean our cleaning aids at intervals to ensure that your home is being cleaned to perfection!

So, if you want to go about house cleaning the right (and safe) way, start at the very beginning by using 100% eco-friendly home cleaning products and keep your cleaning aids in clean, tiptop condition!

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