Organizing Your House During Spring Cleaning

With winter behind us and the arrival of spring at our door, we all know what it is time for, Spring Cleaning. It is probably one of those things which nobody wants to do, but have to do it either way. Having to go all your stuff, deciding what to keep, what to throw away then organizing everything that you choose to stay. You can get tired just thinking about it.

It does not have to be stressful or tiring, that is if you prepare for it beforehand. The simplest way to kick the spring cleaning blues away is to proceed systematically. It takes one thing at a time and before you know it you would be done and dusted.

One of the easiest ways to get an organized start on spring cleaning is to make a spring cleaning checklist. You could make a separate list for every room to further help to simplify things. Remember to cover all the places in your house including the garage. Garages are usually those places which have most of the stuff which either is rarely used or not used at all. Make separate sections in your garage for a particular set of items. For example, all the gardening tools go in one area of the garage; the barbeque grills go to another corner so on and so forth.

Your basement is another place which is probably hoarding a lot of stuff that you own. Make a separate checklist for this area of the house as well. Spring sometimes brings rainfalls as well, and we all know how basements are so prone to having leaks. Put on your checklist to check for any mold or mildew in your basement. If you do not already use absorbent mats, then do use them because they are very helpful in taking care of any water leaks that may happen in the basement, later.

Another option to add to your spring cleaning checklist is the ‘Donation’ pile. When you are rummaging through all your stuff you will be coming across several things that you either do not want to use or things that you have multiple pairs of and even things which do not even fit you that well anymore. So, make a donation pile and set aside such items which you can later donate it to different charities. You will be cleaning and sorting things and help the lesser privileged ones too.

Reminders You Need to Keep:

Keep in mind to go through one room after another because if you try organizing everything that you own in the house all in one go, it is just going to make matters worse. You would probably even run out of space to keep those things, you would be putting things here and there, and it would be that much difficult remember where did you keep all the stuff. Result? More confusion.

Once you are done with spring cleaning steps, treat yourself to an ice cream because after all that hard work you earned this scoop.

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