House Cleaning in Just 15 Minutes (Room by Room)

Cleaning your house does not have to be a dreadfully long process. With the right plan, you can clean your house and that too room by room in not more than just 15 minutes. Just keep in mind the following tips and we guarantee you will be done cleaning your house in no time.

Make a plan:

When you know what you are supposed to do, you have better chances of doing it faster. You will not be wasting time standing there thinking of what to do. You know that you are going to start with the living room, then move on to the rooms, the bathrooms and then finally the kitchen. Think of it like having a map with a set route. You will take this route, stop at the destinations, do what it is that needs to be done and then move on and before you know it you will be done.

Use baskets and totes:

As you go from room to room, take a basket with you and put whatever you find on the floor in the basket. You found the remote control of the television that is in the living room on the children’s bed? Just toss it in the basket and when you pass by the living room, you could place the remote control back to its rightful position.

Keeping all the tools you would need to clean, like polishes, mops, brushes etc in a tote or a bucket that you could carry with you is another tip which would help you save time. Every time you would need a cleaning tool you would not have to waste time back and forth you would just have to go through the bucket you are carrying and you are likely to find it.

Divide your attention:

You need to do a lot and do not have that much time to do it so instead of just focusing all your attention (and strength) on doing an excellent job at dusting the furniture, remind yourself that you have to make the beds to, pick up things as you, scrub the floors and come back to the kitchen too. Divide your time smartly.

Assign particular days for major chores:

Another nice tip is to assign certain days to certain chores; for example on Mondays you will do your laundry along with all the cleaning and sorting up that you regularly do. On Tuesdays you will wash the bathrooms, but not do the laundry because you already took care of it yesterday. This was you could assign various days of the week to various big chores and make the job a little less stressful for yourself.

Get the family involved:

Why should only you do all the work? Get your husband and kids involved too. You could even come up with a small reward system for your kids, like for every time the help you pick up stuff from the couch oe help put all the shoes back on the shoe rack, they get a piece of chocolate.

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