Effective Couch Cleaning and Maintenance

It’s probably long overdue but what’s important is that you finally realized that your need a couch cleaning! Up until now, you may have found clever ways to conceal those stains and dirt smears. But to be honest; it is not the solution to your problem! The worst thing you can do is allow your couch to get so dirty and that you cannot put it back to its first look. Nevertheless, whether the severity of your couch and furniture stains is mild or very noticeable, this step-by-step couch cleaning and maintenance guide are sure to get your couch looking cleaner and smelling fresh!

Step 1: Remove Dust

Your couch encounters dust on a daily basis. Now just imagine the amount of dust it’s been collecting since you had some cleaning (or worse, since you bought it!). A dirty couch can cause dullness and discolor the material over time. What’s worse, if left dusty, it can cause allergies and trigger an asthma attack. So, the first step in couch cleaning is to remove dust from your furniture using a vacuum cleaner. Make sure you’re thorough in doing this as a little dust left on the surface can cause a mess later on. Use different vacuum heads to remove dust from crevices or narrow spaces.


Step 2: Tackle Obvious Stains

Whether you have noticeable stains or not, there will be some areas on your couch that appear duller than others. Tackle these spots first before moving on to step three. Depending on the material of your couch, you can use a specially formulated couch cleaning solution to spot clean. Alternatively, you can make your own (mild) cleaning solution by mixing a little laundry detergent in water. To clean, dip a clean, white cloth into the solution and wring it properly; use circular motions when removing stains with minimal pressure so that you don’t damage the material.


Step 3: Now for the Rest…

After removing as many dull spots/stains as possible, it’s time to clean the rest of your couch. Using the same cleanser, dip a clean, absorbent cloth into the solution, wring it and start wiping your couch. Start with one end and be sure to rinse out the cloth at intervals as you make your way to the other end. If you can see that the fabric is getting too soiled, consider using a bunch of clean ones for the job. As you wipe the couch, use enough pressure so that some of the cleansers will penetrate through the material for a deep clean.


Step 4: Dry to Finish Off!

The last part of your couch cleaning is to dry it completely. The best way to do that is by placing it under a fan that is running at high speed while leaving your windows opened to dry the couch quicker. Air drying is the best option for upholstery furniture as it also helps to get rid of the detergent smell. Either way, the smell of your chosen cleanser will fade away in a day or two.

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