Frequently Asked Questions

Looks like you may have some questions or are generally curious about what to expect. Hopefully we can answer the main questions that are brought to our attention on a regular basis. Never fear, if you still have questions after reading this page we are only a phone call or email away. We strive to get back to you as fast as possible. The only way we are happy is if you are happy. Seriously!

Top Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I book Army of Maids to do some epic home cleaning for me?

Glad you asked! You will find multiple “Book in 60 Seconds” button listed throughout the site. In fact, there should be one right above this FAQ on the right side of the page! If you would rather not use our 256-bit secure form, then feel free to give us a call at (407)205-ARMY (2769) and our friendly staff will help you out right over the phone. You can also email us at happyteam@armyofmaids.com but please do not put your credit card information in the email. In an effort to keep your information secure, we will give you a call back as soon as possible and book your home cleaning appointment over the phone. You can also contact us using our chat feature located on the bottom right corner of the page.

2. You say you’re eco-friendly… but is this really true?

Absolutely! All of the products our maids use are 100% eco-friendly and are safe around kids and pets. I have three beautiful children and two sometimes-amazing dogs (they eat my shoes) so I know how important it is to keep dangerous chemicals away from them. We will treat your family (pets included) as well as we would treat our own. Lets scrub away dirt instead of the Earth!

3. Do I have to be there when you clean?

That is completely up to you! Many people leave a key under the mat for the time of the booking while others stay home while we clean. Regardless of if you are there or not, you will receive the same epic service that you can expect from Army of Maids.

4. How long will it take Army of Maids to clean my home?

Fair question. This really depends on your home and how much cleaning is needed to meet our standards. The table below is a general guideline of how long it takes to clean your home. Army of Maids will always work hard to complete your booking in the time frame that best suites your needs. Just let us know and we will work with you in every way possible!

Square Feet Number of Maids Maintenance (recurring) First Time Cleaning (deep)
700 – 1500 2 Maids 1hr – 1.5hrs up to 3 hrs
1501 – 2000 2 Maids up to 2.5hrs up to 4 hrs
2001 – 3000 2 Maids up to 3.0hrs up to 4.5 hrs
3001 – 4000 2 Maids up to 4.0hrs up to 5.5 hrs
4001 – 6000 2 Maids up to 5.0hrs up to 6.5 hrs
6001 + 2 Maids 5 hrs + up to full day

5. How many maids will be cleaning my home?

Depending on the size of your home and the soil level you will have either 1 or 2 maids servicing your home. Typically if you are on a time crunch we will put our best effort into assigning two maids to your home. Rest assured that you receive the same Army of Maids quality cleaning regardless of how many maids service your home. We take pride in our work and you will definitely see the Army of Maids difference!

6. What is this 200% Guarantee that I keep seeing?

We are confident that you will LOVE our services. So much so that if you dont like the cleanliness of your home we will come back and do it all over again… for free. If you are still not happy then we will give you a FULL refund AND come back and clean your house again… for free. Most of our business comes from word of mouth and we will do anything to make sure you are completely satisfied. In the end, we love what we do and think you will love how well we do it. You have nothing to fear and nothing to lose. That is the Army of Maids 200% Guarantee.

7. Do you really support local charities?

Yes. In fact, supporting a local charity was one of the first bullet points on the Army of Maids business plan. I was born and raised in Orlando and have always felt I wasnt doing enough for my community. This is my way of paying back a city that I have loved all my life. Not to mention, it really feels good doing something so right. A portion of the profits from every booking will get donated to our charity of choice. Currently we are supporting the Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida. Even if you decide to not use our service, PLEASE look into this charity and find it in your heart to donate. There are many children located in our community that are in need and we should help them out whenever possible.

8. How and when do I pay you?

Simple. We accept all major credit cards when using the 256-bit secure online booking form. Dont feel comfortable with that option? No problem! Give us a call at (407)205-ARMY and we can answer any of your questions, book your service, and process your payment right over the phone.

9. Are you guys insured and bonded?

Absolutely! In the event that something is stolen you are completely covered up to $5,000.00. Its worth noting that we only take on the most qualified maids out there and have strict standards in our selection and interview process (we only interview 5% of the applicants). We are proud of the fact that to date we have never had to file a claim for stolen goods. You are safe with us!

But wait, you still didnt answer my question!

Sorry about that! If you still have a question, dont hesitate to send an email to our Customer Satisfaction Team to get a quick answer. You can reach them at HappyTeam@armyofmaids.com. Alternatively, you can use the form below and we will get back you ASAP!

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